Open Netizenship

Jan 16 2011

Lately, I’ve become very careful about practicing my preachings. If you make exceptions for your own values, they cease to be values and become, instead, a quaint set of rules.

Today’s exhibition involved my recent foray into Python web development.

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Campus Progress Summit photo assignment

Aug 23 2009

Here are the results of my amateurish amateur-foray into photography for the Campus Progress summit.

Here is a window-shot of an “ObamaStore”, with a reflection of what is, allegedly, the Treasury Building. White House or Capitol may have been more meaningful, but hey, there’s a flag at the top of the building! Yay kitsch!

Here I used a slow shutter-speed to make the bus blur, in order to make a profound statement on healthcare.

In addition to framing, layering, and selective cropping, this photo also illustrates “waiting for the right time,” as I had to follow these two for hours waiting for them to simultaneously chafe.

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